Get App Downloads – Scale Your App Downloads by 10 times

To get app downloads in a higher number, developers generally tend to use a lot of methods.

Now, there can be a lot of legitimate means in doing in. However, one of the most popular things is to buy installs from a reliable provider.

Get App Downloads To Get App to Initial Hit

Initial downloads get the app to a different trajectory. However, there is a weak link in this assumption. If overdone, the flux of downloads can do more harm to the app than good.

So, what approach should you take?

Well, the answer lies in slow dripping the mobile app installs. There have been numerous cases, where the developers have been able to pull it off well. A sudden number of incentivized installs can be lethal for your Android or iOS app. So, adding some mobile app reviews, always help. But, it is important to take an organic approach to getting reviews.


Wait, but, isn’t that a slow process? What if I want to boost my app now?

Well, in any search algorithm, one must wait for it to absorb the app before it can start ranking, and the same goes true in the process of buying installs. Now, the ideal way is to hold on till you get some user traction. In fact boosting a mobile app in itself is a shortcut. So, it is always, always important to be on guard, and ensure that you don’t overdo the optimization.

But, what really qualifies for excessive optimization of a mobile app?

Well, there isn’t any hard and fast rule for that. There are many cases. One of the gold standards in this is this study on manupilated app reviews, this study pretty much is the gold standard for all mobile install manipulation techniques.

Many believe that one can reverse engineer playstore algorithm as they have done with the search, but this is quite untrue. There is always a bigger gray area with the apps – partly because it is evolving. However, installs are certainly a full proof way of getting a more organic boost.

In Conclusion

Whenever you get the app installs, make sure that you don’t go too bullish on this process alone, and spend a considerable amount of time in trying to working on other aspects of your product. If you do that well, then you are likely to get more organic app downloads from the playstore or app store.